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The Power of Utility Intelligence™

  • Energy efficiency through knowledge and control

    Smart Grid solutions require a smart approach that can integrate and handle products and services from a multitude of technology providers. The Amplex OpenCity™ architecture is the foundation for our own energy efficiency solutions, as well as a platform for other technologies.

    The Amplex core

    All Amplex solutions are based on a modular, carrier-neutral platform that combines:

    Through a combination of our advanced hardware components and intelligent software, Amplex’ energy efficiency solutions help you pinpoint losses, optimize operations and improve quality — All to the benefit of the utility, its customers and the environment.

    We are breaking free of expensive, closed legacy systems. Instead, we embrace solutions with a modular approach that address the evolving needs of the utility company in monitoring, integration and automation of their networks.

    All components use open standards and will integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions and technology.

    Adding intelligence to the low-voltage power grid can eliminate waste and streamline operations.

    Today’s cities are struggling with rising energy costs, high carbon emissions, ageing infrastructures and increasing regulatory requirements.

    Even when experiencing shortages of electricity, only few cities have optimized their power networks. Waste is widespread with low-voltage (LV) network losses ranging between 5% and 20%.

    Such wasteful scenarios put city and utility company budgets under pressure and the service quality begins to suffer.

    A distributed approach

    Most of the assets in the current LV power grids, streetlight systems and utility meter installations were installed without any kind of built-in monitoring or communication facilities. Consequently, many cities and utility companies in developed as well as developing countries have very limited knowledge of their power networks.

    By turning existing utility assets into an intelligent and manageable system, through distributed equipment that can be monitored remotely, utility companies can analyze, visualize, automate and benchmark their power networks. The immediate benefits:

    • Cost savings
    • Improved quality
    • Carbon footprint reductions
  • Competing visions for change

    The term ‘Smart Grid’ refers to an intelligent electricity network that uses digital technology. The purpose of the Smart Grid is to save energy, reduce costs and improve reliability.

    At Amplex, we believe that Smart Grid is an exciting vision shared by most cities, utility companies and vendors. However, what Amplex brings to the table is more than just a vision. It is a workable, proven solution that can pinpoint and overcome wasteful scenarios in the LV power network.

    Amplex delivers

    At Amplex, we guide our clients towards the best methods for optimizing their operations. With intelligent, distributed equipment in the LV power grid, we help obtain improved quality, better service and significant energy and resource savings.
    Amplex delivers intelligent utility solutions for:

    • Low-voltage power grids
    • Metering networks
    • Energy Management Systems

    In the past few years, Amplex has completed more than 130 deployments in 12 countries. In our most comprehensive deployment to date (in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi), we have installed the world’s most widely integrated utility infrastructure management project, encompassing thousands of streetlight cabinets and several hundred thousand utility meters.

    We are familiar with the issues of energy savings, budget cuts and many more challenges that utilities face, and Amplex offers well-proven, advanced and cost-effcient solutions.

    With smart steps towards a smart grid, we can give you a more effcient control of your utility assets – and greater insight.


    With Amplex on board from the beginning of a new project, we can offer advice on where to focus the energy saving efforts, and thus perform calculations on where the first dollar is best spent.

    When we perform our field survey of the client’s LV power grid, we take into account the streetlights, household meters, substation equipment and other related assets. These field surveys, combined with years of experience with utility systems, form a solid foundation for making the right decisions.

    We believe there is a synergetic effect in implementing several projects at the same time. Reducing man hours, simplifying system integration and optimizing work flows cut down costs and ensure that your new business processes are integrated from day one.

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