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GridLight™ TravelTime

  • It is essential to have a deep understanding on how vehicles navigate through a city – both for policy makers, politicians and traffic planners.

    Many cities do already have the streetlight management system GridLight™ implemented throughout the city managing the lights from a number of control cabinets. With GridLight™ TravelTime the existing solution can easily be upgraded with travel time measurement making the most out of your existing streetlight management infrastructure. If you already have Amplex AmsCPU/AmsCPU-IO modules installed it is very quick to add the Amplex RF Traffic Sensors in the USB port and add the RF antenna. Amplex installs the necessary software and the user interface is part of the existing GridLight™ GUI. In this way the solution runs on top of your GridLight™ installation – quick and easy.

  • TravelTime™ also works without GridLight – so if you just need to measure travel time and other traffic related informations, the solution can also work as a stand alone solution – still the safest and most cost effective solution on the market.

    With the detailed information from GridLight™ TravelTime, the traffic planner can obtain a precise statistic real-time information on how long it takes a car to drive a specific route passing through a number of measurement points. This can then be used for traffic information boards or used for optimising the city traffic.

    The data can also be delivered to other traffic planning systems, either as historical data or as a real-time integration through the open GridLight™ API’s.

  • The benefits

    Here’s some of the benefits for GridLight™ TravelTime:

    • Quick installation as add-on to GridLight™ or as a stand-alone solution.
    • Collects start and end destination data for destination analysis.
    • Real time comparison for different travel routes.
    • Optimises the traffic flow and limits the CO₂ emmission.
    • Pin point bottlenecks and areas with heavy traffic issues so they can be fixed.
    • Can be utilised for both permanent and temporary traffic monitoring installations.
    • Most cost effective solution on the market.

  • Sensors

    Sensors will be applied to the AmsCPU-IO box and will be pointed towards the road with traffic needed as a measurement point. The sensors are based on the wireless RF technology that collects the uniq ID from each vehicle – typically the build in radio or entertainment system in the car. So normally we do not track based on data from smart phones as it’s the cars and trucks we would like to measure.

  • Privacy

    To ensure that Amplex TravelTime is fully compliant with the EU regulations we ensure compliance with EU Article 29, WP185-5.5. This is achieved by doing a one-way encryption of the unique MAC address we have collected in a way so we can never decrypt the address and track it back to the person. Further we change our encryption daily so we can only recognise a specific device for 24 hours. These limitations does not influence on the functionality to measure the travel time – it only protects the vehicles to be fully anonymous for our statistical calculations.

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