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IoT – Internet of Things

19 years of experience in distributed projects has provided the ultimate IoT platform

  • Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing new to Amplex. This is why we were established in 2001. At that time it was called machine to machine communication (m2m) – but it was much the same. The ability to connect devices, sensors and equipment often wirelessly to achieve total knowledge and control.

    Amplex started with streetlights which is also our best selling solution now. However rapidly we moved into other utility assets, like smart meters, pressure sensors, transformer monitoring etc.

    Amplex’s IoT expertise comprises of >60.000 intelligent gateways. Interfacing millions of sensors and control points in more than 20 countries on 4 continents – All of which are fully running projects. And with 19 years of experience this is way beyond the baseline for most IoT providers. Some of these projects have been running since 2001, where we installed our first solutions. The first installations are now running with our latest software as we see backward compatibility to be crucial to our clients. Thereby our installations are designed to continue earning money from savings and optimisations year after year.

  • Amplex OpenCity™ software architecture is our IoT foundation, binding field hardware and sensors with a central server with open internet standard interfaces.

    OpenCity™ is not just about moving data and control signals. It is also the platform to ease maintenance of devices, for keeping communication running, updating software, handling reconfiguration etc, making it one of the key enablers of IoT. Further the OpenCity™ architecture is handling highly advanced data processing – Both in the field gateways and on the IoT cloud servers.

    With OpenCity™, you can run any of our solutions, either individually or collectively, and easily upgrade the solution to include more functionalities.

    Once data has been collected, it is integrated into OpenCity™. From here, the platform provides instant overview, control and energy management facilities. Collected metering data and other relevant information from the field is integrated and can be transformed into valuable information. This enables the utility company to operate increasingly efficient and with improved quality.

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