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Health care

Increasing safety using IoT sensors and intelligent devices

  • Amplex CheckMarks™ is an unique home care monitoring solution consisting of connected, discreet, non-camera based sensors placed strategically in a senior’s home. Hereby providing full-time monitoring of their daily activity. The solution is paired with a smart phone-based tool enabling the relatives to act if alarms occur. Thereby providing a well-known first line of care. If the relatives do not react or cannot handle the situation, CheckMarks™ can redirect the alarm to the home care to endure immediate action. Relatives or connected remote care teams such as in-home care providers or managed care organizations can spot changes from normal patterns and provide intervention before a more serious event occurs. The result is blended care—a combination of traditional hands-on care and remote care.
  • Amplex IoT platform OpenCity™ provides an open platform for embracing sensors at home to keep the elderly safe at home. Suitable for municipal and commercial care providers – both large and small.

    Our first product is CheckMarks™ making elderly safer by adding intelligent devices and providing tools for the relatives to work as first line of protection. The municipality or private in-home care help can be added as the second line of security.

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