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GridLight – LoRaWAN

Streetlight Central Management Systems (CMS)

  • Streetlights account for 30-40% of the typical municipal energy budget. However most cities still use outdated streetlight systems. Resulting in costs and energy consumption being much higher than they need to be.

    Amplex GridLight™ is the intelligent, automated management system that delivers up to 35% streetlight energy savings – driving down your city’s carbon footprint while saving money. It is the clear choice for the energy efficient city.

    The idea is simple: put intelligent monitoring and control in every streetlight cabinet and network them all together into a centralized streetlight management system (CMS).

    The result? Streetlights turn on and off exactly when they should – to the minute. Areas where full lighting is not needed can be set to Energy Savings Mode. Resulting in costs being driven down by up to 35%. And so will the carbon emissions be.

    Do you benchmark your streetlight network? – GridLight™ does. It provides an easy overview of your network status. Does your energy consumption meet your budget? What percentage of your streetlight network is affected with faults? Are any parts of your streetlights on, dimmed or off? These key performance indicators make benchmarking a walk in the park.

  • But GridLight™ does not stop here. GridLight™ has built-in GIS and inventory management that takes care of all your inventory in the field. From the feeding transformers through feeder pillars all the way to the poles. With our smart phone application GridTool™ we can easily manage the electrical diagrams with every single component included – even when being in the field.

    GridLight™ embraces beyond the streetlights and may also be used for more specialised solutions: Special light control for a harbour and their fog lights, tunnel lights and sports lights are also specialised solutions under the universal GridLight™ umbrella.

    GridLight™ is a widely used streetlight management system controlling millions of fixtures in 21 countries. City and even country wide installations have been applied controlling up to 275,000 fixtures in a single project. Implemented in Abu Dhabi, Copenhagen, Madrid, Johannesburg, Beijing, Aarhus, etc. In Denmark alone, more than 50% of all streetlights are managed by Amplex solutions.

    Gridlight is extremely fast and simple to implement, e.g. the municipality of Copenhagen’s 47,000 fixtures were implemented in 3 months. This only being possible as the GridLight system only needed to be installed in the 487 control cabinets.

  • The benefits

    Streetlight savings: the big benefits
    Here’s where the savings and energy reduction comes from:

    • Burn hour optimization – ensure you’re never ‘lighting the day’
    • Energy Savings Mode where and when possible
    • Simplify maintenance and prolong bulb life
    • All while improving streetlight quality, city-wide
    • 17 years of experience will ensure a well-proven system
    • Smart city add-ons for traffic (travel time) and Air Quality
    • LoRaWAN and Wifi support for supporting your smart city infrastructure

    Your city’s street light costs are probably too high. GridLight™ can help.

  • Are you spending too much money and wasting too much energy on your streetlights?

    GridLight™ lets you improve your streetlight quality while cutting down on expenses and carbon emissions.

    Your current scenario:

    • Your streetlights are controlled with timers and/or photocells.
    • You have no knowledge of burn hours or the exact amount of kWh spent.
    • You have no central control or monitoring facilities.
    • You have no knowledge of power leaks in your system.
    • You cannot remotely control your streetlights or retrieve vital information from street cabinets.
    • You have no ability to minimize energy consumption at off-peak traffic hours.
    • You rely on citizens to report streetlight faults.
    • You are met with energy savings requirements from politicians.
    • You have invested in a LoRaWAN or Wifi smart city infrastructure and want to benefit from that.
  • Our recommendations:
    For an inexpensive, more energy efficient, and better quality solution, we recommend one of the following solutions:

    GridLight™ LoRaWAN – streetlight group control using LoRaWAN network for the modern IoT based smart city.

    GridLight™ Basic – a simple yet technically advanced solution that lets you perform remote programming, receive alarms and save 8-12% energy.

    GridLight™ Monitoring – get even more knowledge and better control. Improve maintenance and increase savings.

    GridLight™ Energy Savings Mode – reduce your energy consumption by 25-35% with Energy Savings Mode while improving streetlight quality.

    GridLight™ Intelligent Savings Mode – get savings in the 25-35% ranges and improve bulb life with voltage stabilization.

    GridLight™ Pole – combine control cabinet management with DALI based individual pole control and monitoring for the ultimate insight.


  • Old-fashioned streetlight timers and photocells waste money and energy.

    GridLight™ puts low-cost, intelligent agents into your streetlighting cabinets to drive down costs, reduce energy consumption and make it easy to monitor and manage the entire system, in real time.

    Intelligence at cabinet level

    Because our agents are placed in the streetlight control cabinets, GridLight™ costs much less than systems that require deployments on every pole. As a result, payback can occur in as little as 12 months instead of several years typical of pole-level solutions. Read more about the solution components.

    Streetlight Energy Savings Mode

    A huge part of a municipality’s streetlighting budget is spent over-lighting areas where there are no people.
    The GridLight™ Energy Savings Mode allows you to regulate the voltage in certain areas at specified times, reducing energy and costs of up to 25-35%. Instead of lighting an industrial area on a Sunday with the same intensity as a shopping street at holiday time, you can decide where, when and how you want to allocate your lighting budget.

    The most conservative Energy Savings Mode settings can save money with almost no noticeable change in brightness. And since Energy Savings Mode controls over-voltage situations, bulb life is improved for further savings.


    Burn hours through the year in a typical Northern city, showing two different energy savings levels – and total savings of 35% in energy use and costs.

  • The benefits of centralized streetlighting

    Turning standalone streetlights into an intelligent streetlighting network lets you drive down operational costs while improving quality of service and public safety.

    Instead of relying on citizen reports of streetlight failures, your maintenance team sees the problems even before they are reported. The control room GIS and mapping features make it easy to dispatch the right resource at the right time. With smart field tools, remote management is simplified and made much more efficient.

    Centralized monitoring and control alone can drive down streetlighting costs and carbon emissions by 8-10%. The Amplex Energy Savings Mode brings that up to 25-35%.

    GridLight™ deployments also integrate easily with other Amplex solutions. Thereby you can monitor and control streetlights together with your entire low-voltage power distribution network. Open interfaces also mean easy integration with existing utility systems, including billing, GIS, work order and planning.

  • GridLight™ reduces any city’s street lighting costs by up to 25-35% while improving street light quality, manageability and public safety.

    • Central streetlight control – for improved accuracy, system visibility and operational efficiency
    • Intelligent Energy Savings Mode – using voltage regulation instead of expensive electronic ballast
    • Cabinet-level metering and control – for fast payback; with pole-level granularity as needed
    • Power quality monitoring – identify and prevent problems and failures
    • Intelligence for better management – full burn hour reports, fault monitoring and load balancing functions
    • Simplified maintenance – through automation, remote control and advanced field tools
    • Fast deployment – with cabinet level control, multi-carrier bearers and the Amplex Deployment Tool
    • Proven – in numerous deployments, powering several million streetlights worldwide, every night
    • Maximum flexibility – you can mix all our products in one solution. Combine simple cost-efficient smart city IoT LoRaWAN with selected advanced cabinet solution with traffic monitoring – no problem. GridLight™ supports multiple technologies in one system in a full holistic solution.

    Typical energy and cost savings experienced using GridLight™ range from 10-35%, as experienced in deployments in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Kuwait, UAE, Malta, USA and Denmark.

  • The components: modular means flexible

    GridLight™ is a modular system that combines:

    • Communications and control modules
    • Voltage regulation modules
    • Data center and Control Room platform
    • Hosted solution or server at customer premises

    A turnkey solution

    GridLight™ is a complete, turn-key solution that is field-proven and backed by our precise, proven deployment methodology.

    With its modular structure, GridLight™ is easy to configure according to the needs of each deployment. Adding new options and features is fast and simple.

  • Smart City Add-ons

    GridLight™ is not just all about streetlights. The installed platform throughout the city can be utilized for a number of smart city applications that can be installed or later be added to the GridLight installation:

    • Travel Time. Measure travel time only requires an installation of a traffic sensor and your GridLight can advice you on traffic jams or alternative routes. Read more on GridLight™ TravelTime here.
    • Air Quality. Measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), temperature, humidity and air pressure on strategic locations in your city. Read more on GridLight™ AirQuality here.
    • Road temperature. Add the AmsSense module and a PT100 temperature sensor so you can get warnings and updates on the road temperature.
    • LoRaWAN and WiFi. GridLight™ supports both LoRaWAN and WiFi IoT communication infrastructure so you can get full benefit of your smart city infrastructure besides the more traditional GSM mobile communication.
  • 1+1 = 3

    As GridLight™ can be used as an infrastructure for many smart city applications suddenly you will gain a lot more value from your streetlight management installation. GridLight™ is a very feasible installation with typical ROI on 1-2 years.

    As many smart city applications only will have an indirect advantage to the city or municipality it can be difficult to justify a new investment for yet another smart city infrastructure. As GridLight™ modules in the field are fully open to adding new functionality with both hardware and software, the field modules (AmsCPU/AmsCPU-IO) can carry many simultaneous functionalities all sharing the infrastructure costs. In this way adding more and more functionality will not only be of great value to the city – it will be reduce the costs significantly.

  • Group control with LoRaWAN

    GridLight™ supports the IoT communication infrastructure LoRaWAN to provide full benefit of your smart city infrastructure:

    • Smart City Infrastructure. LoRaWAN is being deployed in many cities as an Internet of Things (IoT) communication infrastructure. GridLight™ supports this.
    • A feasible solution. As LoRaWAN is simple to deploy throughout a city and inexpensive to maintain. Your streetlights can be operated more price effective compared to other communication technologies.
    • Independent of Telco’s If a municipality invest in its own LoRaWAN technology it will be independent of mobile operators and provide an infrastructure that will last longer. Many municipalities are challenged to upgrade their 3G devices in the field as 3G is being phased out by many telco’s.
    • Easy to cover an entire city LoRaWAN can communicate up to 15 km and for a mid-sized city like Aarhus, Denmark (350.000 citizens and 59.000 fixtures), only 18 LoRaWAN base stations have been required to cover the entire municipality with full LoRaWAN coverage.
    • Mixed technologies With the GridLight™ solution you can mix both our LoRaWAN module with our high-end AmsCPU-IO modules for more advanced requirements, like TravelTime traffic monitoring etc. In GridLight™ you will be able to share programs between modules of different types fully transparent.
    • Open standard As LoRaWAN is a fully open standard with strong supporters like Cisco, you are not stocked with GridLight™. Amplex gridCPU module can be purchased with an encryption key so it can be utilised from other streetlight management systems.
    • LoRaWAN cloud providers LoRaWAN has a number of cloud software providers that maintains the LoRaWAN base station cloud. GridLight™ supports the leading vendors on the market like Activity, Loriot and The Things network.
    • One stop shop If you just want one supplier for your streetlight management system, Amplex also provides our own LoRaWAN base station and cloud solution based on open source software so you may get your entire LoRaWAN based streetlight mangement system from Amplex, including base stations, GridLight™ and field modules. So you can basically leave everything to Amplex. We will host your solution and ensure everything is working accordingly.


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 GridLight LoRaWAN brochure – Danish
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Installation guides

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Sample schematics

Generation 1 – Type 1 cabinet – Danish Road Authorities (downloads as a file)
Generation 1 – Type 2 cabinet – Danish Road Authorities (downloads as a file)
Generation 1 – Type 3 cabinet – Danish Road Authorities (downloads as a file)
Generation 1 – Type 4 cabinet – Danish Road Authorities (downloads as a file)
Generation 2 – Type 1 cabinet – Danish Road Authorities
Generation 2 – Type 2 cabinet – Danish Road Authorities
Generation 2 – Type 3 cabinet – Danish Road Authorities

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