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Distributed Large Scale Energy Management

  • Smart meters are everywhere. Now it’s time to harness all that data to track and manage energy consumption across your entire distributed enterprise.

    Utility companies need to give your customers the insight they need to better manage their energy use.

    Enterprises need to improve energy management – for the planet and the bottom line.

    That’s what Amplex GreenWise™ is all about. It’s the energy management platform that brings all your individual meters together to give you a detailed, trackable picture of your energy use over time – by department, building, campus, city or entire organisation.

    We call it Energy Consumption Intelligence and it is changing the way utilities and companies approach their energy challenges. It’s not just for electricity. It embraces all the utilities: Power, water, heat and gas.

    You can see some of the meters we support on our metering page.

  • GreenWise™ hightlights

    Amplex GreenWise™ is an open, modular system for advanced energy management that tracks consumption data and facilitates dialogue with energy customers and end-users.

    It goes beyond the traditional energy management systems by offering unique opportunities for interactive customer dialogue, a human-friendly web interface and super-intuitive iPhone and iPad apps for easy energy consulting in the field.

    GreenWise™ is a next-generation energy management solution that combines:

    • An affordable Energy Management System (EMS)
    • An advanced Energy Consumption Intelligence platform
    • The Amplex Performance View™ web dashboard
    • An integrated portal for ‘energy evangelism’ to users and managers
    • Rich, role-based reporting and alarms suite
    • Android and iPhone-based deployment tools

    In short, Amplex GreenWise™ turns your isolated metering systems and data points into an integrated platform for Energy Consumption Intelligence – the first step towards driving down your energy usage and keeping it down.

  • The benefits of GreenWise™

    • Turn raw meter data into Energy Consumption Intelligence
    • Show management exactly where energy is being used
    • Set energy consumption targets and track your progress
    • Let usage centres monitor their consumption trends
    • Benchmark your consumption against industry norms
    • Identify preventable loss fast to minimise waste
    • Support your energy savings drive with powerful user communications

  • Where are you on the Energy Consumption Intelligence spectrum?

    If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of these statements, Amplex GreenWise™ is for you:

    I want efficiency

    • I still collect and enter meter data manually.
    • I paste consumption data into a spreadsheet but need tools to get the bigger picture.

    I want insight

    • I have smart meters, but lack the platform to do anything with the data.
    • I have a large organization with many locations globally but want to benchmark, budget and consult locally, too.

    I want to evangelize energy savings

    • I need to provide energy savings advice to my clients or branches – supported by budget and consumption information.
    • I need to show the divisions within my company where to focus their energy saving efforts.

    I want to actively manage energy consumption

    • I need to find out where my organisation can save more energy.
    • I’m a utility company concerned about customer retention.
    • I’m concerned about a new EMS solution matching my current systems.
  • The GreenWise™ solution

    The Amplex GreenWise™ platform takes raw data from your AMR/AMI system and transforms it into valuable Energy Consumption Intelligence.

    It provides an instant overview of the energy consumption at remote sites, and lets you analyse, budget and report on your consumption trends – including toplines for the board and drill-downs for the front line.

    In short, GreenWise™ gives you the insight to manage energy consumption and promote constructive dialogue with customers or internal divisions.

    GreenWise™ combines distributed hardware components, communication infrastructure, central software and a web-based management and reporting centre into a comprehensive energy management solution.

    User-friendly field tools – including iPad and iPhone apps – help you quickly and cost-effectively deploy the solution across your global estate.

  • You can’t mange what you can’t measure. Amplex GreenWise™ makes it easy to monitor the energy consumption at every location, then aggregate this data for analysis and benchmarking across departments, regions and globally.

    Like all Amplex Solutions, GreenWise™ is based on the OpenCity™ Architecture, so it’s simple, affordable and easy to install and operate.

    GridWise solution architecture

    The GreenWise™ solution delivers value at three levels that can be implemented simultaneously or in steps:

    Stage 1: Energy consumption and customer data

    A full Energy Management System to provide data for proactive energy management and consultancy. Now you can give energy advice based on precise customer data to drive an increase in energy efficiency.

  • Stage 2: Management and control

    A hardware/software platform that collects, transmits, processes and presents consumption data. Often built on top of an existing AMR/AMI solution, Stage 2 enables remote control of distributed equipment, e.g. at utility customers or subdivisions (e.g. cooling, heating, compressor and ventilation facilities).

    The system uses open standards and integrates easily with most meters. It’s future-proof and supports new technologies such as electric vehicles, heat pumps and micro-cogeneration.

    With the app for iPad, or on any web browser, users can access the GreenWise™ interface and see consumption data, generate reports or create budgets.

    Stage 3: Customer dialogue

    The energy consultancy and advice stage. With more knowledge and improved dialogue, you can show customers how to use the new insight to support and accelerate energy-saving initiatives.

    GreenWise™ doesn’t just generate intelligence, it delivers it to the point of energy usage for maximum impact. Amplex GridTool™, gives front-line teams real-time data displayed in an iPhone/iPad app for clear, actionable visualisation.

    • Energy advisors provide proactive counselling on-site
    • Customer Service has full visibility of the customer’s consumption dynamics
    • Sales people perform targeted sales planning based on accurate data
    • Marketers target according to customer profiles and consumption patterns
    • Management bases commercial initiatives and asset utilization decisions on customer facts

    Stage 3 also makes it possible to use new social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to reach both commercial and private utility customers.

A strategic tool for energy management

  • GreenWise™ gives utility companies and distributed enterprises an affordable, functional EMS tool coupled with an advanced Energy Consumption Intelligence platform that drives effective energy savings initiatives for utility customers and company divisions.


    • An affordable, functional EMS coupled with an advanced energy management platform
    • User-friendly web interface for an instant overview of consumption, targets, progress, benchmarks, etc.
    • An advanced dialogue platform that adds value by targeting information to the utility customers
    • Alarms for fast reaction to fault states or excess consumption
    • Variety of front-line communication tools
    • Intuitive deployment tool that ensures all hardware units are installed and commissioned correctly
    • Detailed graphs and reports for each entity to highlght where savings matter most
    • A unique tool for customer retention through push messages, e.g. blogging, e-news, tweets, etc.

    Topline benefits

    • Utility companies can give customer advice based on recent, accurate data
    • Energy Consumption Intelligence makes consumption patterns and dynamics visible
    • Customers gets a proactive overview of their energy consumption, status, savings, etc.
    • Managers get a total overview of consumption, or a report for each entity
  • The GreenWise app

    The GreenWise™ solution collects massive amounts of smart meter data. That places severe demands on the user interface to present the information in a clear and appropriate manner.

    The web browser and iPad interface lets the user easily configure and operate the system.

    GreenWise Consumption screen

    The bottom line: lower energy consumption, total visibility for management and happier, better-informed customers and users.

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