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Amplex checkmarks™ – Intelligent Assisted Living

  • Worldwide, the population is aging. We live longer, and are able to fend for ourselves for a longer time, in our own homes. Meanwhile, the elderly are adapting to new technology in an increasing pace, expanding the demand for new development that make our living conditions safe and practical.

    75 percent of all fire fatalities in private homes occur to people more than 60 years of age. Of these, 25 percent are more than 80 years old. Many older people forget to turn off the coffee machine, iron, etc., and often their electrical appliances are old as well. This causes serious accidents, that could easily be avoided using in-house intelligence

  • Amplex checkmarks™

    is the solution created by Amplex to increase the safety level in the home. A small intelligent unit is installed centrally in the home, and is able to communicate with an array of wireless, battery-powered smart sensors. The central communication unit uses mobile network to connect to relatives, in-home care providers, or the housing association. This provides security and safety for all.

    The checkmarks™ sensors are based on wireless open standards, and right now includes:

    • Panic button worn as a wristwatch or around the neck, used to call for immediate assistance.
    • Movement sensors that issue a notification if there is no activity in the house, or if activity occurs at unexpected times.
    • Smoke detectors that sound an alarm, but also notifies relatives and professional in-home assistance.
    • Flood sensors that sound an alarm, but also notifies relatives and professional in-home assistance.
    • Smart plugs that automatically shuts off devices like electric blankets, coffee machines, irons etc., when these have been turned on for an excessive time. Will also turn off in case of flooding or detected smoke.
    • Door and window sensors that detect when doors and windows are opened. Can also be used on a refrigerator or a medical cabinet, issuing a notification if the resident forgot to eat or take a prescribed medication for preconfigured period of time.

    checkmarks™ ™ is easy to install using a smartphone app from Amplex. It normally takes only 20 minutes to install and configure the entire system for a typical house or apartment.

  • Residents do not need to use a smartphone. checkmarks™ works tacitly in the background and ensures that relatives or home care are informed if there is a need. Issues that may be handled are among all:

    • The coffee machine, iron, electric blanket – automatically turned off, if switched on for too long.
    • Smoke or flooding – at the same time, connected electrical appliances are turned off.
    • Activity – it is comforting to know that relatives are kept informed
    • If the resident has a smartphone, it is possible to control the light, appliances, heating and much more.

    The future is secured with checkmarks™ – you can talk to your home turning on and off the lights, get reminders to take your medicine and many other things that make life easier and safer.

Relatives make a big difference overseeing that everything is as it should be. checkmarks™ is always alert and provides immediate notification in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Activity not as expected – could be caused by an accident, the resident may have fallen.
  • Smoke or flood – e.g. in the bathroom.
  • Temperature – too cold or too warm in one of the rooms.
  • Humidity – too moist, for too long.
  • Electrical consumption – if a coffee machine, iron, etc. is turned on for too long.
  • Unknown activity – if the resident is out, and there is activity in the home.
  • Forgotten medication or missing meals – if the resident did not open medicine cabinet or refrigerator

checkmarks™ provides safety for the resident, but also for the relatives.

  • The home care provider can be associated with checkmarks™ to receive information prior to a visit. Important information that can be conveyed is e.g.:

    • Activity overview – ensuring that the resident is present.
    • Call/summoning – relatives can quickly have home care sent out when there are problems.
    • Forgotten medication or missing meals – home care can take action.
    • Smoke or flood – accidents can be examined/discussed with the resident.
    • Dangerous situations – if the resident forgets to turn off the coffee machine etc.

    The future has only just begun, and checkmarks™ is regularly updated with new features – also by the residents who already have the system installed. With artificial intelligence, checkmarks™ will learn about the resident and can thereby reduce the number of unnecessary visits – still ensuring that urgent actions are taken care of immediately!

  • When it comes to housing associations, social housing, and housing for the elderly, we all have an interest in that both the buildings and the residents are properly looked after. Therefore, checkmarks™ constantly monitors the buildings and notifies you if there are long-term issues such as:

    • Temperature or humidity fluctuations – to avoid damage to buildings or equipment and that residents are exposed to an unhealthy environment.
    • Smoke or flood – so that you can take immediate action.
    • Unexpected lack of activity – so you can investigate whether it is due to vacating or to an accident.

    checkmarks™ is designed for both small and very large housing associations, so it is easy to manage the conditions of all buildings, detect widespread problems, and to create worksheets for service technicians.

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