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CheckMarks – Energy renovation

Amplex CheckMarks™ – IoT platform for large scale smart housing

  • The building sector accounts for up to 40% of the total energy consumption in the EU. Considering that the vast majority of the existing building mass will still in operation in 2050, it is evident that there is a significant energy saving potential in renovations rather than focusing solely on building energy efficient new buildings.

    A significant proportion of this potential lies in existing private households, which accounted for approx. 25% of the total energy consumption in the EU in 2011. In Denmark, there are approx. 566.000 social housing units, which constitute 20% of different types of ownerships. The vast majority of these were built before the energy saving requirements in the national building regulations were tightened in the late 1970’s. As such, there is a significant potential for reducing the overall energy consumption in the building sector by addressing this particular building typology. The dwellings of the future already exist, so to speak, and we have been entrusted the task of updating them in a way, which complies with todays’ energy standards while at the same time respecting their cultural and social significance.

  • CheckMarks™ provides a number of features relevant for energy renovation:

    • Wireless sensors and controllers makes it ideal for retrofitting without any wires
    • Wireless interface to thermostats, like Danfoss xxx
    • Wireless interfaces for window shades
    • Interfaces for modbus/serial air ventilation systems
    • Intelligent home climate control using shades, ventilation and thermostats based on sensor inputs from many thermo-, humidity-, door- and movement sensors

    CheckMarks ™ is easy to install using a smartphone app from Amplex. It normally takes only 20 minutes to install and configure the entire system for a typical house or apartment.

  • Easy to use
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  • Features and customer specific apps

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