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Amplex CheckMarks™ – IoT platform for large scale smart housing

  • Intelligent home automation for large scale distributed installations is the core of Amplex CheckMarks™. Amplex extensive experience on large scale solutions for streetlight automation and smart metering have provided the perfect, robust, secure and future proof solution for distributed automation and Internet of Things (IoT).

    Amplex CheckMarks™ is the solution created by Amplex to increase the safety level in the home. A small intelligent unit is installed centrally in the home, and is able to communicate with an array of wireless, battery-powered smart sensors. The central communication unit uses mobile network to connect to relatives, in-home care providers, or the housing association. This provides security and safety for all.

  • CheckMarks™ is highly versatile and easy to adjust to any special needs. Currently we have x focus application areas for CheckMarks™:

    • Assisted living application for private homes
    • Assisted living application for retirement villages
    • Assisted living applications for sheltered housing and nursing homes
    • Smart home applications for social housing and housing associations
    • Smart home applications for energy renovation
    • Smart home applications for zero energy housing

    CheckMarks ™ is easy to install using a smartphone app from Amplex. It normally takes only 20 minutes to install and configure the entire system for a typical house or apartment.

  • Bla bla dashboard,
    multi area handling
  • Features

  • Install app
    Configuration engine
    Easy to us
  • Features and customer specific apps

  • Client server
    Local processing

  • Security standards
    AES128 encryption is also part of the ZigBee standard. So it has been certified for that.

    SO/IEC 27001:2013
    ISO 9001:2015
    ISO/IEC 27018:2014


    ZigBee use AES128 and MAC for message confidentiality integrity and authenticity. This is industry standard and considered secure if the keys are secure. The real vulnerabilities are the key exchange/agreement procedures.

    In ZigBee Home Automation there is an initial key exchange that, although encrypted, is encrypted with a well-known key. This is vulnerable windows it during commissioning were the network key can be intercepted. The window is protected by simple timeouts.

    ZigBee has the option of using a centralized Trust Center with whitelist, containing device unique ID’s, also allowing for, but not mandating, device unique initial keys (installation codes). Install codes are essentially a code that can be exchanged out of band to a Trust Center to allow it to derive a unique initial key for a specific device. In ZigBee 3.0 all devices must support Install codes; in ZigBee HA it is optional, in ZigBee SE support and use, of install codes, is mandatory. In the end it is a policy decision of the network owner/operator if commissioning will require white listing and the use of installation codes.

    Our gateways support the use of Trust Center whitelisting and unique initial keys per device (Install codes). Our ZigBee HA 1.2 sensors all support the use of Install codes.

    ZigBee has a second level of security with different keys known as APS security – this is link pair secured between two and only two devices. This is essential if you have sensors A, B and C in a network and you want C to participate in the network and provide sensor data to A, and possibly B but you also want to ensure that only A is allowed to send commands to B to e.g. unlock a door.

    So to gain the highest level of ZigBee security, we use AES128 bit encryption between sensors and gateway, Device unique install keys (PSK/DSK), Whitelists, Unique install keys and trust center backup and replacement to ensure a scalable, safe and well protected communication.

  • Safe design, no single point of failure

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