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AmpLight™ is now GridLight™

  • AmpLight™ was the streetlight management system of the ’00’s but now AmpLight™  has moved into the smart grid and smart city so we upgraded the name to GridLight™.

    Gridlight™ is still fully compatible with AmpLight™ but adds a lot more functionality:

    • More modules for extended functionality and smart meter integration.
    • Advanced build-in energy management and benchmarking.
    • Enhanced visual streetlight configuration and programming.
    • Smart Grid enabled. Among others using LED based streetlight to stabilise the frequency in the power grid, by prioritising only essential streetlight to free up energy in a potential brown out situation.

    AmpLight™ was in 2010 licensed to Philips Lighting which still uses the 2010 version of the system. Thus if you are still in the 00’s with AmpLight™ you should get updated. We are fully compatible with both the Amplex and the Philips Lighting field equipment. Providing you with great flexibility towards your future choice of hardware.

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