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Air Quality

GridLight™ AirQuality

  • Cities everywhere in Europe are considering to ban diesel cars and are making various initiatives to improve the air quality – but does it have the expected impact?

    An upgrade of your streetlight management system GridLight™ on strategic locations in the town, air quality can easily be measured and tracked. In this way a baseline can be obtained before initiatives are started and when implemented, the effect in air quality can be tracked using GridLight™ AirQuality.

    The Amplex Air Quality Sensor is one of several Smart City applications that Amplex provides to extend the value and offerings of the streetlight management system GridLight™.

  • The upgrade is easy if you are already using the Amplex AmsCPU/AmsCPU-IO modules. You just need to insert the Amplex Air Quality Sensor wires into the serial input on the Amplex AmsCPU/AmsCPU-IO module and let Amplex remotely install the necessary software and you are good to go reusing your GridLight™ platform. Quick and easy. No extra communication solution needs to be installed – GridLight™ infrastructure is reused. Then you need to install the sensor next to the cabinet in minimum 1,5 meters height. That’s it!

    Data are collected in fixed intervals, ie. every fifth minute, and send to the GridLight™ server where data are visualised using graphs.

    The data can also be delivered to other legacy systems, either as historical data or as a real-time integration through the open GridLight™ API’s.

  • The benefits

    Here’s some of the benefits for GridLight™ AirQuality:

    • Quick installation as add-on to GridLight™ or as a stand-alone solution for environment measurements.
    • Measurements of both weather and environment with one instrument.
    • Better knowledge on air quality can ensure the right initiatives are taken.
    • Optimal planning where to locate new schools, kindergardens, nursing homes, hospitals etc. from an air quality point of view.
    • Automatic alarm notifications when thresholds are passed.
    • Very compact sensor: 125 x 125 x 128 mm – 690g.
    • Most cost effective environment sensing solution on the market.

  • Sensor

    Amplex uses an Air Quality Sensor from the Finish company Vaisala who is the worlds leading provider of equipment for weather and environment sensors. Amplex works with Vaisala’s global network of distributers who can also ensure that the sensors are calibrated when needed.


    The sensor provided will measure:

    • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
    • Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
    • Carbon monoxide (CO)
    • Ozone (O3)
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Air pressure

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