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OpenCity™ Framework: Amplex User Friendly Energy Efficient Solutions at your Fingertips

  • Better Utility Management

    Amplex makes simple solutions that let you monitor, analyze, visualize, manage, control, automate, report, benchmark and improve your city’s utility infrastructure.

    We supply a growing range of powerful monitoring, metering and management systems that help run your utilities in greener, smarter ways, which is financed by the driven down costs.

    Our solutions are deployed world-wide, in projects of all sizes. With Amplex’ technology, millions of streetlights are turned on at the exact right time – never too early or too late. This is the epitome of an Amplex solution. Intelligent efficiency.

    We have built our solutions on a modular, carrier-neutral platform that uses open standards. Thereby you are never locked in to us or locked out of any future cooperation to a third party. This flexibility is essential for long-term city energy efficiency.

    The Amplex OpenCity™ architecture

    The challenge

    Collecting data from a huge number of distributed metering points using low-cost communications. Then, turn that data into actionable intelligence for decision-makers and energy users.

    The solution

    The Amplex OpenCity™ architecture – a modular, scalable data collection, analysis and management platform that supports a range of leading-edge applications for utility companies and distribution enterprises.

    OpenCity Architecture™
  • The OpenCity™ advantage

    • Automate and optimize the data collection process
    • Configure and manage thousands of sites
    • Provide instant visibility and control of energy consumption dynamics
    • Run any or all Amplex solutions as well as third-party applications – one or more at the time
    • Integrate collected data into the OpenCity™ platform for loss detection, alarms, and local intelligence
    • Streamline operations and improve business decisions
    • Deliver insight to the field using advanced mobile field tools
    • A cloud-based solution

    For a cost efficient, safe and easily manageable alternative to purchasing a full server system, our solutions can be hosted and managed through a cloud server.

    With a cloud-based solution, all upgrades and new releases are handled through the cloud, enabling you to focus on your day-to-day operations.

    This method ensures full scalability in case you need to expand your installation base. We also store all the data you gather from the field in the cloud – safely and always with full access to all your valuable information.

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