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Ville de Luxembourg

Case: Luxembourg Fortress Illumination

  • The challenge

    Luxembourg City is historically a power factor in old Europe. The reason not only being its central location between other powerful countries but also the area’s topography, allowing it to build the old city as an (almost) impenetrable fortress. 

    It has been a high priority for Luxembourg City to not only maintain and incorporate the fortress in the modern city but also to highlight the beauty of it. While doing this, the illumination of the fortress walls is of great importance, which is why Amplex Denmark was contacted to facilitate and update the management of the complex installation.

    The solution

    For illuminating the fortress walls, Luxembourg City installed a number of modern LED-based luminaires, equipped with DALI light control digital interfaces. The management solution is based on Amplex Denmarks GridLight™ street light management system. In twenty separate street cabinets around the large area, Amplex AmsCPU-IO concentrators were installed, supplied with DALI master modules. The AmsCPU-IO communicates with the GridLight server on any available carrier, using either GSM, ethernet or city-wide WiFi. It collects data from the system and warns of any problem such as power deviations. It is able to control the main contactor, turning power to the various segments on and off when needed – the DALI module also enables the system to monitor and control each luminaire individually. 

    Using the GridLight interface, on the web or from the smartphone interface, city officials can configure and control the different areas, program dimming levels, special events and so forth – meanwhile, the whole system is meticulously monitored.

  • The future

    Luxembourg City has expressed to be greatly satisfied with both the solution and the service provided by Amplex Denmark. Consequently, Luxembourg City is now testing Amplex Denmarks’ new LoRaWAN-based solution for other parts of the city. This provides many of the same features as the AMS-based solution, but without the need for DALI wiring. Thereby using the low-cost, freely available LoRa radio network for its communication needs.

    By combining the large portfolio of technologies from Amplex Denmark, Luxembourg City has the opportunity to manage all the requirements of the city in one platform. In the future, not only Luxembourg City, but rather all of Luxembourg has the opportunity to be managed in Amplex Denmarks user-friendly platform.


    Key benefits of Luxembourg City’s GridLight solution include::

    • Fast reaction to fault conditions
    • Easy and inexpensive installation
    • Proactive maintenance
    • Advanced wireless communications
    • Highly reliable and very little maintenance
    • Field tool for workforce management
    • Detailed energy calculation
    • Full monitoring of events and alarms
    • Full access via apps for Android, iPad and iPhone
    • Advanced DALI integration to LED fixtures

    Products involved: GridLight™, AmsCPU-IO, DALI Master

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