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  • The Challenge

    Denmark aims for a CO₂ neutral society by 2050. This ambitious goal cannot be obtained without a drastically reduced energy use for construction and operations of buildings. Buildings are responsible for 40-50% of the total European energy consumption today and it has been found that the greatest energy saving potential lies in the renovation of the existing building mass. It is estimated that the existing energy consumption for Danish buildings should be reduced by 73% to meet the ambition of a CO₂ neutral society. 75% of the buildings that exist today will still be in operation in 2040. Hence, a considerable amount of the existing building mass must undergo a substantial energy renovation to comply with the ambition of a CO₂-neutral society.

    This project will use the large renovation masterplan project going on in Brabrand Boligforening in Aarhus, Denmark, as the testbed for new energy renovation techniches. The masterplan is a 1 billion EUR renovation project to create an upgrade to a concrete jungle from the late 60’s. Transferring a ghetto neighborhood to a modern urban living area at the highest international standards.

    One important issue when renovating buildings is to ensure the quality of life is in focus. This is an important factor that must not be ignored in the search for energy reductions. Further, the technology must not overtake the focus but should act as the invisible butler ensuring the comfort continuously meet the expectations. As some of the inhabitants of this area are technological challenged or inexperienced so usability and simplicity is highly required.

  • Solution

    The overall objective of the REVALUE project is to develop and demonstrate the validity of a generic renovation assessment method. Together with the University of Aarhus Amplex is designing a system that not only can retrieve these energy reductions, but it can also improve the indoor climate.

    The solution will build on measurements from various sensors like temperature, consumption of heat, CO₂, door/window sensors, VOC sensors and more. Further it will regulate parameters as thermostats, ventilation and windows. The solution will be implemented 1:1 in several apartments providing RE-VALUE with a unique real life “renovation Exploratorium”. The objective for controlling is to obtain a high level of comfort and save energy at the same time.


    Amplex was chosen to participate because of our extensive knowledge in communicating with multiple variables of IoT sensors and other devices. As communication was to be achieved in the center of the buildings high availability and a robust system architecture was required – something Amplex has been proving for years in reliable streetlight management projects.

    Building on the Amplex OpenCity™ platform we will establish a stable, secure and easy to use management system. Based upon the underlying network between all the sensors and control parameters in the project. Amplex is using this project to expand our smart phone IoT platform to an efficient installation- and configuration tool for rapid deployment. Further using the advanced underlying algorithms and artificial intelligence that takes the necessary control over the apartments, we simplify the interfaces to the home owners to ensure the most intuitive energy efficient management system.

    New knowledge

    The project is ongoing. At this point Amplex is sampling data from carefully chosen apartments. Based on which we will get a baseline before the actual energy renovation takes place.
    Via our OpenCity™ platform and the CheckMark™ IoT solutions, we collect coherent data for indoor/outdoor temperature, energy usage, CO₂, whether windows/doors are open/closed.

    Further Amplex has established our own living lab to test the advanced controlling intelligence over windows, ventilation and heaters to be able to have one of the most sophisticated living home labs available.

    General information, news and events are available on the Revalue website.

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