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ADWEA / Abu Dhabi

Control and Management for all of Abu Dhabi

A centralized AmpLight™ solution perfectly combines electricity savings and decreased CO₂ emissions with improved quality and safety.

  • The challenge

    The purpose of installing AmpLight™ was for ADWEA to achieve a state-of-the-art streetlight solution with full detection, monitoring and control functionalities. With a centralized solution, savings are achieved through optimizing burn hours, reducing maintenance and improving bulb-life.

    The solution

    ADWEA requested a turn-key solution where Amplex supplied everything from hardware to field staff. An initial field survey was carried out to establish the scope and the state of the control cabinets. The solution included:

    • AMS (Amplex Module System) installed in control cabinets
    • Power meters, installed in control cabinets
    • Deployment tool (PDA)
    • Data centre platform and server equipment
    • Control room, designed and built
    • Integration to relevant GIS and SCADA systems
    • Training and ongoing support

    The firmware modules (AMS) are designed and built to endure the extreme environmental conditions of the GCC area, withstanding wide temperature ranges and resistance towards desert environment conditions.

    The web-based user interface provides easy access to reports, settings, user permissions, etc. via a highly secure connection. Communications are based mainly on GPRS. The open architecture (OpenCity™) allows for easy integration to other solutions.

    With power meters in the control cabinets, the solution enables power quality monitoring and immediate reports on power failures to the central server and via email or SMS to the supervisor.

  • The future

    AmpLight™ is fully scalable and prepared for future extensions. The solution is easily extended to include other cities or new developments.

    The installation in Abu Dhabi is prepared for dimming at a later stage for further savings and CO reductions.


    Key benefits of ADWEA’s AmpLight™ solution include:

    • Fast reaction to fault conditions
    • Easy and inexpensive installation
    • Proactive maintenance
    • Advanced wireless communications
    • Highly reliable and very little maintenance
    • Field tool for workforce management

    AmpLight™ in Abu Dhabi is integrated with other Amplex applications in the area – including the AMI solution MeterMind™.

    Products involved: AmpLight™, AmsCPU, AmsSwitch, AmsCurrent, AmsBattery

UAE customer explains about their Amplex streetlight management solution in front of one of their control cabinets.

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