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Aalborg municipality

Case: AKE Enterprise, ROI 13 months

  • AKE Enterprise, a utility company located in Northern Jutland, Denmark, has been an Amplex customer since 2003. AKE controls more than 100,000 lighting points through their Amplex Utility Server, purchased as part of their AmpLight™ solution.

    AKE has achieved savings of 8% due to precise, centralized computer control which optimizes the burn schedule. Additionally, the client has experienced significant savings on maintenance.

    The graphical user interface, Amp-Web, enables an instant, precise overview of AKE’s entire street light installation. The interface provides reports and functional overviews and the AmpLight™ system offers access from browsers even at remote locations via a highly secure connection.

  • As a pilot project, Amplex has recently installed dimming equipment in a control cabinet, enabling dimming at two levels. The dim schedule is programmed according to the client’s wishes and is adjusted to the traffic patterns. So far, the pilot project has yielded additional savings of 16.6%.

    With a full-scale dimming solution, AKE will get the ability to perform precise load management, and in case of an imminent black out, all lights can be dimmed, freeing up significant amounts of electricity at an instant.

    In recent years, savings have become even more significant as energy prices have risen an average of 13.3% in Europe over the past five years. With the liberalization of the energy market, Amplex foresees even more increases.

    In 2015 AKE Enterprise upgraded their AmpLight™ solution to GridLight™.

  • Solution benefits

    • Fast reaction to fault conditions
    • Easy and inexpensive installation
    • Proactive maintenance
    • Wireless GPRS connections minimize costs
    • Highly reliable and maintenance free
    • SMS remote control for fast, efficient inspection
    • Provides data on specific events Solution features
    • SMS remote control for fast, efficient inspection
    • Access through cell phone or PC
    • Updated every 30 seconds
    • Turnkey system with fast ROI
    • Centralized photo cells standardize the area’s street lights

Products involved: GridLight, AmsCPU-IO

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