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DALI Master

  • DALI Master for individual luminaire control

    The DALI Master module is a DALI interface module for the AmsCPU and AmsCPU-IO for controlling luminaries individually. It combines a DALI interface and DALI power supply. The module is fully IEC 62386 compliant to control and monitor DALI compliant lamps from the control cabinet using a DALI control line.

    • RS232 two-way communication with AmsCPU and AmsCPU-IO
    • The module is automatically discovered by the AmsCPU module. In case
      a module is disconnected from the AmsCPU module, this is reported to the server application and the module is listed as missing. If the module is reconnected to the AmsCPU module or another AmsCPU module, it will be rediscovered by the system.
    • Green: fault-free operation, off: device or power failure.
    • Green on: fault-free operation, green flashing every 0.5s: test mode: manually repeated, orange flashing every 0.5s: test mode: automatically repeated, off: device or power failure, red: deficiency at DALI/DSI output.

    • 110-240V (Permitted: 110-260V) 50/60 Hz
    • Interface to Amplex AmsCPU/AmsCPU-IO
    • 240 mA
    • 16 V

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