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  • Euridis Smart Meter Protocol

    The AmsEuridis module is a client interface module in the Amplex Module System. It is designed for two-way communication with Euridis compatible utility meters.

    The AmsEuridis module can easily be connected with up to ten utility meters. The AmsEuridis module collects readings and other data from the meters and subsequently transfers these data to an AmsCPU/AmsCPU-IO module that acts as a data concentrator and WAN module. The AmsCPU module delivers the data to the central server when required. Direct communication and power supply between the AmsEuridis module and the AmsCPU module are handled by an incorporated A-Bus interface, which is based on the industrially proven RS-485 technology.

    • A-Bus two-way communication with A-Bus masters, e.g. AmsCPU, AmsCPU-IO
    • According to IEC 62056-31
      The software of the AmsEuridis module is only compatible with Actaris ACE 5000 electricity meters.
    • The module is automatically discovered by the AmsCPU module. In case a module is disconnected from the AmsCPU module, this is reported to the server application and the module is listed as missing. If the module is reconnected to the AmsCPU module or another AmsCPU module, it will be rediscovered by the system.
    • The real-time clock is automatically synchronized with the AmsCPU module which in turn is synchronized with the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
    • AMS Status LED (green): indicates whether the A-Bus is up and running.
    • The software on the AmsEuridis module can be updated remotely from the central server.
    • New software is transferred without interrupting the normal functionality of the AmsEuridis module. When the software has been transferred, the integrity of the software is checked and the software is installed.
    • A built-in self-test (BIST) is performed after power-up.
    • Watchdog and brown-out reset ensure that the system is up and running at all times.

    • A-Bus client module
    • Euridis+ and Euridis- connect to one meter or a collection of meters. The AmsEuridis module can be connected to a maximum of 10 meters.
      The meters are polarization independent. Data transfer rate 1200 bps

Supported Meters

Manufacturer Model Protocol Interface
Actaris ACE5000 Euridis AMS Euridis
Manufacturer Model Protocol Interface
Manufacturer Model Protocol Interface
Manufacturer Model Protocol Interface
Manufacturer Model Protocol Interface

More meters can be supported using add-on AMS modules – see full list of supported meters, interfaces and protocols here.

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