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  • Amplex Module System (AMS)

    Components from the Amplex Module System (AMS) enable monitoring and control of utility assets. They interface with end devices, and facilitate communications, remote intelligence, and storage.

    The modules integrate seamlessly with the existing equipment, and through modular flexibility, they allow for easy addition of more functionalities or new sites.
    Upon installation, AMS modules are automatically discovered, and communication is established. All AMS modules can be remotely updated with new firmware.

    Central processing unit – the Gateway

    The central module in any Amplex installation is the AmsCPU. This module contains processing power, storage facilities, communication, and IO interfaces.
    The AmsCPU gathers data from meters, AMS modules, camera and sensors, and is able to perform local analysis of the collected data. The built-in intelligence ensures that only relevant data is sent to the control center.

    In case of a power outage, the AmsCPU has a connected AmsBattery module that enables the module to submit information, alarms, and surveillance images. Subsequently, it safely shuts down.

    An extension of the AmsCPU, the AmsCPU-IO includes three relays, a smart meter interface, an old-fashioned S0 puls interface, and support for a leakage sensor – a very powerfull gateway module.

    For a fully wireless gateway, the Squid provides all leading IoT and wireless smart meter interfaces: WiFi, Wireless MBUS, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and soon also LoRaWAN. With the intelligent Amplex software suite, this is the ultimate Smart City gateway – everything in a box.

  • Interface and communication modules

    The Amplex Module System as well contains a series of hardware interfaces including RS485, RS232, M-Bus, and Euridis. The modules support protocols such as DLMS/COSEM and Modbus, and thereby a wide range of meters for power, water, gas, and heat. A full list can be found on our Metering page.

    Other AMS modules enable smart communication between meters and concentrators.

    Monitoring and control modules

    The AmsSwitch module consists of two individually controllable relays. These relays are used for switching minor loads on and off directly, and three-phase or larger loads via an intermediate breaker. The AmsSwitch module can be used for a wide range of purposes that require stable and reliable control.

    The AmsCurrent module is a monitoring device that detects asymmetrical earth leakage in electrical systems and monitors current changes in each phase of two three-phase circuits. The AmsCurrent module can be used for a wide range of monitoring purposes, including power failure, cable breakage, leakage, stray or dirty voltage, etc., which is immediately reported to the central server.

    Modules in the Amplex Module System are thoroughly tested and meet international standards to ensure the ultimate performance for environmental conditions, such as electromagnetic interference, temperature, humidity, etc. The modules are CE-approved and adhere to the European Union WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive.

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