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Here we have a few in-depth stories from our customers.

Port of Aarhus

Amplex provides full control of all streetlights, quay and work area lighting as well as special fog lights with Amplex GridLight™ as the central platform allowing advanced programming as well as manual control of each area. Amplex has also provided an advanced DALI control solution for the "omniterminal" to provide an energy efficient light control solution for the work area for preparing bulk goods and windmill projects ready for shipping. Read more

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This project will use the huge renovation masterplan project going on in Brabrand Boligforening in Aarhus, Denmark, as the testbed for new energy renovation techniches. The masterplan is a 1 billion EUR renovation project to create an upgrade to a concrete jungle from the late 60's transferring a ghetto neighbourhood to a modern urban living area at the highest international standards. Read more

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UMEME 24/7

UMEME means electricity and light in Swahili, and the objective of UMEME 24/7 was to develop and test solutions for improving power supply and stability for consumers in Kenya. Read more


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