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In Amplex, we base our solutions on evidence from the real world. Therefore whenever possible, we analyse all available data, talk to our clients, and generally seek the knowledge to provide our customers with updated and correct information. We believe our clients should base their investments and their selection of future technology on well-analyzed facts rather than rumours and salespeople exaggerations.

  • Assisted Living project in Manchester – Evaluation Report

    This project for assisted living in Manchester, United Kingdom was using Amplex CheckMarks™ with a number of tenants (primarily over 75 years of age) who were living independently and alone but with a dependency on an unpaid carer – normally a family member or close friend (the ‘Nominated Person’ or NP).

    This report was conducted by the distinguished British institution Centre of Excellence for Technology Enhanced Care (CETEC) at Barnet Southgate College as an evaluation of a two-year evaluation project.

    A proactive engagement approach (regular phone calls / contact with participating NPs) was followed until June 2018. A change to a more hands-off (responsive only) approach was then followed to assess longer-term sustainability.

    Read the full report here.

  • The battle is on: Light sensor vs. Twilight Calculations

    There is an ongoing discussion whether to use light sensors or astronomically calculated set points. Which is safest, and where do we get the best savings?

    Amplex has made a study in 9 cities in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Luxembourg, and found that using a light sensor saves up to 22% compared to astronomically calculated set points. Energy savings will actually be even larger, as the energy is unevenly consumed through the night. At sunset and at sunrise, the light is usually fully on, while during the night many lights are dimmed. When optimising the on/off time of the streetlights, the optimisation will happen when the lights are fully on, thereby providing an even larger saving.

    More details – read the full report here.

  • Streetlight savings from central management system

    Amplex has developed a template for calculating the energy savings you can expect when migrating from a decentralized system with either light sensors or astronomical clocks. This is based on our experience from customers and also includes the expected savings in maintenance from using an app where the lights can be remotely controlled. This adds to the energy savings but also to the amount of driving saved.

    The template consists of real values from a danish city showing savings of more than 8% and a return on investment in 1,2 years savings a staggering 3.5 million EUR over 10 years. Contact

    Amplex if you would like a report for your city. We just need a few basic numbers from you and we will be happy to calculate your savings. Contact Amplex here.

    Read the full report here.

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