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Streetlight savings from central management system

Amplex has developed a template for calculating the energy savings you can expect when migrating from a decentralized system with either light sensors or astronomical clocks. This is based on our experience from customers and also includes the expected savings in maintenance from using an app where the lights can be remotely controlled. This adds to the energy savings but also to the amount of driving saved.

The template consists of real values from a danish city showing savings of more than 8% and a return on investment in 1,2 years savings a staggering 3.5 million EUR over 10 years. Contact

Amplex if you would like a report for your city. We just need a few basic numbers from you and we will be happy to calculate your savings. Contact Amplex here.

Read the full report here.

Vej- og gadebelysning 2018, Odense 21st & 22nd November

Again this fall Amplex will be exhibiting at the conference Vej- og Gadebelysning. The conference takes place on the 21st +22nd of November 2018 in Odense, Denmark.
Amplex is well-know for our control cabinet solutions but will also present a number of different implementations on how to control individual fixtures that might be relevant on selected installations in a city.
We are as always bringing brand new development to show – and this year we will focus on collecting data regarding air pollution and traffic flow.
For more information on the fair – go to:
Read also the interview on smart city and streetlight management – you can find it here.
Please contact us if you are interested in a meeting during the conference:

ITS World Congress 2018, Copenhagen 17th to 21st September

The ITS World Congress will this year take place in Europe where Copenhagen will be hosting the event. You will have the opportunity to hear our CEO Jens Hørup speak about Smart City and street lights. The title of the speech is “Should street lights and other smart city technologies be mixed together?” and will be held on “CP4 – Urban living services 2” Friday the 21st of September at 9AM. If you wish to book a meeting during the event – please, contact

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