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Amplex CheckMarks™ – the IoT healthcare solution @ home

  • Worldwide, the population is aging, living longer and managing more chronic conditions. At the same time, older consumers are embracing technology at an increasing pace and expecting more advancements and opportunities to allow them to live, age and receive care in the place they call home.

    75% of all home fire accidents with lethal endings are with elderly 60+. 25% of these are >80 years of age. Many elderly tend to forget to turn off coffee machines, irons etc. causing serious incidents that can easily be avoided using more in-house intelligence.

  • Amplex CheckMarks™ is the solution created by Amplex to increase the safety level in the home. Amplex cloud servers are using the mobile network to connect to a small intelligent communication box, which is connected to a number of smart sensors in each home. The solution bridges between the relatives and the in-home care providers.

    The CheckMarks™ sensors are based on wireless open standard sensors like:

    • Keyfob kept around the neck or wrist to push for immediate help
    • Movement sensors that provide alarms if there is no movement in the house, when movement is normally expected
    • Smoke alarms to warn both locally but also relatives and professional in-home assistance
    • Smart plugs that will power off devices like heat blankets, coffee machines, electric heaters etc when not in use. These can also be integrated with the in-home smoke alarms. Thereby even a little bit of smoke will ensure all electric devices are turned off immediately.
    • Flood sensors to alarm on flooding in bathrooms and basements

    As the sensors are wireless they are easy to install and configure in a few minutes by either the home owner, relatives or professional electricians.

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