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Amplex SIM cards – the best IoT SIM card

  • Amplex has developed a dedicated SIM card in collaboration with the Spanish telco Telefonica that roams on several networks in most European countries. This makes the availability of a GSM connection for our equipment much higher. In Denmark there are only 2 networks (TDC and Telenor) and the SIM card roams on both. In Germany it roams on 4 networks. If you are interested in knowing exactly which networks they roam on in your country then please contact us.

    Telefonica was ranked no 7 in “Top 10 Telecom Companies of the World 2016”.

  • Advantages

    • Automatic roaming on several networks
    • No subscription until 20kb data has been used
    • Only one invoice per year – for all your SIM cards on one bill
    • Amplex have a backdoor to the telcos for better support and configuration

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